Core subjects for the Master’s Degree

  • Research Project
  • Corporate Accounting I
  • Accounting Theory I
  • Managerial Accounting I
  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Methods
  • Research Methodology

Core subjects for Doctorate

Common Core

  • Epistemology of Research
  • Advanced Accounting Theory
  • Econometric Models for Panel Data
  • Thesis Seminar

Mandatory Subject: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Research Line

  • Advanced Corporate Accounting

Mandatory Subject: CONTROLLERSHIP AND FINANCE Research Line

  • Theory of Corporate Finance I

Optative Subjects for Master’s and Doctorate programs

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Accounting audit
  • International Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting II
  • Accounting Theory II
  • Tax Accounting
  • Theory of Corporate Finance II
  • Advanced Controllership
  • Management Models in Finance and Business Strategic Positioning
  • Managerial Accounting II
  • Empirical Studies in Finance
  • Introduction to Computational Methods in Finance
  • Regression Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Accounting Information Systems
  • Special Topics in Accounting, Controllership and Finance